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Church Life


Our Sunday service is at the center of our fellowship and worship. We are informal in dress and robust in our greetings and conversations with each other as we gather each week. Sunday Bible classes meet at 9 AM and a time of refreshment follows in the dining room where others have gathered prior to the start of the service. The worship band strikes up the music at 9:55 to call us into the sanctuary. The worship team is comprised of musicians and vocalists that lead us into deep and heartfelt praise and worship. The team is incredibly talented and hard-working. Typically, as worship in singing ends, the worship in giving begins with ushers collecting the tithes and offerings. Then the children are called to the platform for their lesson. 


We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month. There is liberty in how communion is served but generally folks come forward to receive the elements from our elders and after all have been served, we partake together. At the close of each service, our prayer team comes forward to pray and anoint those who come forward for ministry.


Fellowship refreshments are usually served after the service in the dining room. These times are well-attended and allow folks to sit down and visit and catch up with each other's lives. Potlucks are particularly enjoyed by the church family and we share quite a few during the year.


Our quarterly business meetings are held on the third Sundays in February, May, August, and November. We’ve begun to host a light luncheon after the worship service and begin the business meeting in the dining room after all have been served. This is working well for us and we get more folks involved and informed about the membership, finances, and decisions of the board of directors.


The church compiles and distributes a monthly newsletter, “The Lifeline” to all members and attendees. This is our main mode of communication with the congregation. Pastor has the cover article, the moderator and elders share insights and information, our board of directors submit articles. It also includes a monthly activity calendar with birthdays and anniversaries is included. Other articles can be submitted by congregants, as well.


Our women’s group meets monthly for lunch and our men’s group meets quarterly for breakfast. These meetings are held in our dining room. These groups provide good fellowship to strengthen our bonds of love and community.


The primary evangelism outreach of the church is carried out in cooperation with Child Evangelism Fellowship. A team of volunteers from CEF and our church family collect children at the local elementary school on Thursdays during lunch break and bring the children to the church for instruction and fun in the Word of God. This has been a powerful and dynamic ministry reaching un-churched kids and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry runs from October to May. In the summer, we partner with CEF for a 5-day club in our local park and we organize the camping outreach for the children associated with our church family and Good News kids.


The elders lead our monthly prayer meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. From September to May we have a mid-week Bible study that meets in the afternoon at the church.


Our beautiful facility often hosts other community groups associated with our membership. A group of home-schooling families oversee a weekly Classical Conversations school in our education wing and dining room. The P.E.O. Sisterhood frequently uses our dining room for their meetings, as well. We are often asked to host memorial services for community members and we do our best to accommodate those in need of solace and support.


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